Investing in Our Future Together! 共同投資未來!

JA HK is a registered not-for-profit, tax-exempt charity under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance in Hong Kong. The organization does not receive annual subvention from the government. Our success hinges on the strong partnership with and valuable support from different stakeholders in the community. Partner companies and individuals contribute and support our organization in different ways.

Individual Donation

We appreciate your generous donation in supporting JA HK’s work on the young people.

Fundraising for us

We treasure the partnership with companies, organisations and schools in inspiring and preparing young people to succeed in a global economy. We welcome any creative fundraising events that designate Junior Achievement Hong Kong as the beneficiary. Please contact us at (852) 3426 3148 or for further discussion.

JA HK是根據香港“稅務條例”第88條註冊的非牟利慈善機構。我們的成功有賴與社會不同持份者的緊密合作和他們給予的寶貴支持。商業夥伴和個人以各式各樣的方法為我們的機構作出支持和貢獻。


我們感激你的慷慨捐助,以支持JA HK服務年青人。

為JA HK籌款

我們重視與公司、機構和學校的合作,攜手啟發和預備年青人,為他們日後在全球經濟中取得成功做好準備。我們樂意成為任何籌款活動的受惠機構,如有查詢,請致電(852) 3426 3148 或電郵 與JA HK聯絡。