JA More than Money™ Fun Day

Let students have fun, learn money basics and apply financial skills at the same time!

Part 1: Introduction to the banking industry
Part 2: Game Stations Challenge
Part 3: Who wants to be a financial guru?

Target Students: Primary 4 to Primary 6

Date: 25 February 2017 (Sat)

Time: 9:00am – 12:30pm

Venue: Asbury Methodist Primary School
(Estate School No. 2, Lai King Estate Kwai Chung, NT)

Language: Cantonese

*Parents are welcome

“I cannot agree more on the idea of instilling fundamental values into students when they are still a blank piece of paper. These core values are the basic concepts that regular school syllabus may not explicitly cover. It is also a great experience to lead a class of students in different grades, observe their dynamics and spend a relaxing Saturday morning or afternoon with your partner volunteer.” – Business Volunteer