JA Company Program

JA Company Program (CP) enables students to develop their entrepreneurial mindset and 21st century skills, including goal-setting, creative problem-solving, teamwork, communication, digital marketing and learning from mistakes. Under the guidance of volunteer business advisors, students establish and operate a company as they would in the real business world as well as participate in the JA CP Trade Fair.

The “JA Company of the Year” will represent Hong Kong at JA Asia Pacific Company of the Year competition. The most outstanding CP student will be selected as the CP Achiever.

Program length (OLE learning time): Trade Fair Mode 38 hours | Full Program 47 hours

Target participants: Youth aged 14-18 (Form 3 to 6)

Class size: Minimum 20 students per JA Company

Language: English or Cantonese

Program Format: 

Face to face program: Meeting and learning activities will be conducted face to face. 

Online program: Meeting and learning activities will be conducted virtually

* This is an entrepreneurial learning experience for students to apply learnings to organization and operation of a simulated business as an entrepreneur. The “JA Company” (student company) of this program is not a legal entity. All stakeholders are under no legal or contractual obligation.