JA Career Dimensions 4.0

The program connects young people with career opportunities and future skills required under the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Through speed mentoring and hands-on activities on creativity & problem solving, collaboration, adaptability & resilience, young people will be guided to identify their career aspirations, and develop core competencies every youth needs in order to survive in the coming world of work.

Program length: 4.5 hours (OLE learning time)

Target participants: Form 4 or above

Class size: 100+ students

Language: English or Cantonese

Program Format:

  • Face-to-face program: Half-day workshop led by business volunteers in a host school
  • Online program: Half-day workshop led by business volunteers and conducted at online platforms

“I have learned that an entrepreneur requires a positive attitude to face challenges and setbacks. New business ideas can actually help solve social problems and change people’s lives.” – Student