JA Building a Financially Capable Generation

JA Building a Financially Capable Generation is a financial education experience for students ages 12-16. It is designed to enable students to gain the skill sets, mindsets, and behaviors they need to own their financial futures.

Through engaging games and technology, and activities (in person and online) led by business volunteers, students will be able to

  • See the value in managing money proactively;
  • Identify what is needed to make appropriate money management decisions and act on them;
  • Acquire the skills to turn knowledge into practice;
  • Believe and have confidence they can act according to their interests;
  • Evaluate barriers to active money management.

The complete learning experience includes three components, an introductory workshop called the Foundational Session, a free FinQuest App, and culminating team competition called the Innovation Challenge.

At Hong Kong Innovation Challenge, students will form a team to develop ideas for social action through an intensive innovation camp. The winning team will then have a unique opportunity to compete with 16 countries at Global FinCap Challenge.

Program length (OLE learning time): 5.5 hours

Target participants: Form 1 to 4

Class size: Minimum 25 students

Language: English or Cantonese

Program Format:

  • 1.5-hour virtual mentorship meetings led by business volunteer
  • 4-hour self-paced learning using App