JA Be My Own Boss Family Program

Entrepreneurial thinking and skills enable a person to be the master of his/her life and create their own opportunities. JA Be My Own Boss equips primary school students with the social, financial and enterprise skills, and builds up their confidence for the future.

At the 5-session program, students will learn progressively the basics of entrepreneurship through hands-on learning activities e.g. board game, company visit and project presentation. The sessions will be facilitated by business volunteer role models and supported by school teachers and parent representatives in the role of teaching assistants. Students will appreciate from a young age that business has a purpose to serve the needs of society and create solutions. The program can be incorporated in the General Studies curriculum.

Target Participants: Primary 4 – 5 students

Class Size: 20 – 25 students (max 2 classes per school)

Program Length: 4 two-hour sessions + 1 hour presentation (9 hours in total)

Program Schedule: Selected by school  ( Jul to Dec 2020)

Language: English or Cantonese

Program Format: 

Face to face program: in-school sessions led by business volunteers and parent volunteers

Online program: learning through the online platform facilitated by teachers and parents