News Update

Ideation Workshop brought inspiration for students of The Schools Challenge Hong Kong 2019

(Hong Kong, 18-Feb-2019)  The 26 teams of students participating in “The Schools Challenge Hong Kong – Live Smart@Kowloon East” just had an action-packed weekend as the program’s Ideation Workshop was held last Saturday. Their busy day began with a visit to MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node, MIT’s first innovation node in the world, to explore the many machinery inside from A to Z. With the tools available, however, one still needs to be down-to-earth to create anything meaningful. That’s why our students then spent their afternoon navigating the streets of Kowloon East to gain insights by interviewing local residents. While the task might seem intimidating at first, our students were nevertheless able to overcome their fear with great courage and have their mission accomplished.

So what kind of brilliantly down-to-earth idea will they come up with? Come witness their moment of truth on the Final Presentation day on 11-May!….. or at least, stay tuned on JA HK’s social media accounts to see how everything will unfold!

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