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Net’s Be Wise
In partnership with Hong Kong Broadband Network, HKBN Talent CSI Fund and DQ Institute, the Net’s Be Wise program aims to empower children aged 8-12 to acquire 8 digital citizenship competencies, enabling them to make discerning and deliberate choices that maximize the benefits of technology while mitigating cyber risks. Incorporating the internationally recognized and research backed DQ World online learning platform and offline school workshops, it is the first digital citizenship movement in Hong Kong to assess students’ Digital Intelligence Quotient (DQ™) and offer solutions to potential risks.

Program length: 11.5 hours in total (10-hour online and interactive learning and 1.5-hour offline school workshop)

Target Participants: Primary 4 to 6 students

Format and class size:
Teacher-led (30min in-class session x 20): 20-25 students per class
Net’s Be Wise Camp (full day x2): 100 students
Net’s Be Wise Week (half day x 5): 100 students

Language: English or Cantonese