JA It’s My Business!


Successful entrepreneurs exhibit leadership, creativity and passion. JA It’s My Business! and JA It’s My Idea! help students develop positive and proactive attitudes towards their personal and career development.

The program includes 3 sessions:

Session 1 (40mins) – I Am an Entrepreneur
Session 2 (75mins) – I Have an Idea
Session 3 (75mins) – I Can Change the World

JA It’s My Business!

Program length: 4 hours

Program content: Sessions 1, 2 and 3

Target participants: Form 2 to Form 4 students

Class size: 25 – 30 students

Language: English or Cantonese

JA It’s My Idea!

Program length: 1.5 hours

Program content: Session 2

Target participants: Form 1 to Form 4 students

Class size: 100 – 120 students

Language: English or Cantonese

“Students have learnt to take initiative and leadership through leading small tasks. The workshop allows them to put their ideas into practice and understand what can be done to create impact to the society.” – Teacher

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