JA Company Programme

JA Company Programme gives students the opportunity to establish and operate a real business under the guidance of business advisors. Participants will have the opportunity to represent Hong Kong at regional and international events to further their learning.

Program length: 37 hours total over a 5-month period (OLE learning time)

Target participants: Youth aged 14-18

Class size: Up to 26 students from the school form a company

Language: English or Cantonese

“I gained some good insights on how to run a company in the real business world. It is crucial to understand what the market needs before coming up with a business idea. I also learned that communication and teamwork are key to success.” – Student

* This is an entrepreneurial learning experience for students to apply learnings to organization and operation of a simulated business as an entrepreneur. The “JA Company” (student company) of this program is not an legal entity. All stakeholders are under no legal or contractual obligation.