About JA
Junior Achievement (JA) Hong Kong is a registered Hong Kong charitable organization dedicated to inspiring and preparing young people to succeed in a global economy.

In partnership with the business and education communities, JA encourages young people to participate in a range of activity-based education programs, designed to help them understand the world of work and develop their work-readiness, entrepreneurial thinking, financial literacy and life-wide values essential for their future success.

Programs offered by JA are underpinned by high quality course material funded by the business sector and provided to schools free-of-charge. The business community also provides the business professionals to bring first-hand experience of the business world into the classroom.

Since its establishment in Hong Kong in 2001, JA has served over 220,000 students from over 500 schools, with the support of more than 14,000 volunteers from over 700 companies. The success stories of our young people had won JA a number of awards and recognitions:
- Prudential Chairman Award in 2011, 2010, 2009 & 2008
- MetLife Foundation Grant for the launch of JA Exploring Economics in 2008
- The Metlife Foundation Entrepreneurial Award 2007 for JA New Leaders Programme
- The Caring Company Outstanding Partnership Project Awards presented by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service in 2004/05 and 2006/07
- CTW Long Term Partner Award, presented by the Community TeamWorks of Goldman Sachs in 2006
- The Best Performer in Resources Mobilization of the Asia Pacific NGO Award 2005

The Junior Achievement Worldwide network now serves over 10 million students in over 120 countries!

國際成就計劃香港部(JA)為本港註冊之慈善團體,致力啟發和培育年青人,為他們日後在全球經濟中取得成功做好準備。透過與商界和教育界合作,JA鼓勵年青人參與各種活動為本的教育項目,幫助他們了解在社會的工作實況,並發展他們的事業準備、企業精神、理財知識及正面的生活價值觀。國際成就計劃的全球網絡,每年為 120個國家逾1,000萬名學生提供服務。國際成就計劃香港部之經費由商界贊助,所有提供予本地學校之各項計劃及課程,費用全免。

國際成就計劃香港部自2001年成立以來,已推行超過25項課程,在超過14,000名商界義工支持下,服務超過220,000名大、中、小學生。國際成就計劃香港部已與超過500間中小學合作,並有超過 700間商業機構、支持推行計劃及課程。

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